Tintin vs. Dragon Ball?

Hell, why not. This isn’t as concise a joke as it might have been, and plays as far more knowing about Tintin than Dragon Ball, and sure, Bianca Castafiore’s lip-sync isn’t exactly virtuoso…

…and yet, I have to say it does make the case that a live-action Tintin movie could work without looking too goofy. The Captain Haddock actor is spot-on, Marlinspike Hall is as it should be, Snowy is about as right as you can get…the Thompsons aren’t supposed to be ninjas, exactly, but that’s the Dragon Ball talking.

I’ll take any new Tintin movie at this point; sadly, we haven’t heard any signs of life from the would-be Spielberg franchise version lately and Peter Jackson clearly has his hands full…

h/t Andre Morelo

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