(Captain) America, F**k Yeah!

As much as I loved The Avengers movie, the toys were a pain in the ass, wanting me to play scavenger hunt on a ridiculous level. Marvel Select’s 7-inchers were mostly cool, but they didn’t bother with Thor or Cap, and the Chitauri figure looked like a clay model colored in crayon. 6″ Marvel Legends style? Yes please…except they were Walmart exclusives that never appeared at any Walmart near me. 3-3/4? Sure, maybe, but then make me worry about not finding Hawkeye or Black Widow – and finally put out a complete box set at year’s end, by which time I’ve lost interest.

But then NECA, ohhh NECA. 18-inchers. The weakness of my wallet. The Achilles tendon of my acquisitional impulse. I want this…

I’m not 100% uncritical here. I would have liked to see a bit more of a McFarlane style “dirty wash” on this figure to make the details pop a bit more. My bet, given the way NECA likes to reuse basic bucks nowadays, is they’ll do a variant that’s dirtier and maskless. Or I could just rub this one in some dirt.

They’ll also be doing Iron Man (with working LED lights), Thor and Hulk. When I asked on their Facebook page if we could get Hawkeye, Widow and Fury in a movie sequel year, they “Liked” my comment, but that’s obviously not necessarily a sign of anything.

I don’t know whether to pray that they keep this license, or root for my money to stay inside my wallet.

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